fe·ra /ˈfera,ˈferæ/adjective, feral (feminine)

    1. having escaped captivity

    2. integration back into nature

    3. re-alignment with true Self


  • create your reality

    in every moment

    meditation sessions 1hr $50

    using guided visualization and breath awareness you will leave the hour feeling more relaxed and having a clearer awareness of your intrinsic abilities and skills

    small group classes 1 hr $15/pp

    private class 1 hr $50

    meditation, yoga, or herbal practices tailored to your needs with tools for your home practice or preparation

    herbal consultations 90 min $200

    follow up 20 min increment $20

    learn to use whole plants as herbal allies in your wellness journey. we will take time to thoroughly document current concerns and past history. some herbs may be suggested in the initial meeting. I will spend 2-3 weeks creating a custom formula unique to YOU.

  • anne anderson

    ma, 500 ryt

    anne has been studying holistic wellness for 20 years.Her Soul Purpose is to help people live their most embodied, creative, and fulfilled lives. Anne's practice is based in heartfelt connection, joyful support, and grounded exuberance. Her master's degree in applied healing arts informs transformative leadership and social change starting from within. anne started learning about yoga in 2001, sustainability in 2003, herbalism, ritual and ceremony in 2008, and applied mindfulness in 2010.

    she moved to boise in 2019 and has been learning from this brilliant multidimensional community ever since. her favorite spaces are near the boise river, in her home studio/office/temple, the mountains, and in real time wherever we are.

    lets create something together.

  • contact

    east end, boise
    engagements by appointment
    mon 6-8pm
    tues 9am-1pm
    wed 6-8pm
    thurs 9am-2pm
    fri 9am-2pm, 6-8pm
    sat 9am-11am
    sun 12-8pm
    208-557-9355 (WELL)